All Aboard! Get on the Coffee Train with Big Train Blended Iced Coffees…

Posted by Administrator - August 17th, 2013

It’s hot out there-and nothing refreshes more than a Big Train iced coffee or blender mixed beverage. My Gourmet Cafe has a huge selection, all at the most affordable prices you’ll find anywhere on the web. Easy to prepare, and especially delicious over a tumbler filled with ice, you’ll love the long moment of relaxation and cool refreshment Big Train drinks provide. Turn your kitchen into your own cafe..attractive French waiter not included!

Big Train Brownie Mix: Big Taste, Low Carbs

Posted by Administrator - August 7th, 2013

When it comes to desserts, it’s hard to say no, especially for kids. Make it easier for your family to stay healthy with our Big Train brownie mix. Low in carbs and in fat, these brownies mix up for the perfect afternoon snack or picnic treat. Big kids will enjoy them too, so make sure to stock up on several bags. Simple to prepare, and with zero grams of trans fat per serving, you’ll feel good about serving these to the whole family. So tasty, no one will guess their low carb secret!

Go Low Carb, The Big Train Way

Posted by Administrator - July 27th, 2013

For many health conscious adults, limiting carbohydrates and/or going gluten free is seen as the solution for weight loss and more round-the-clock energy. However, it can be tough to enjoy the beverage treats you’re used to when you’re cutting back. Until now! We’re proud to offer Big Train’s gluten free, low carb spiced chai tea latte mix. Easy to prepare, and low in fat as well, this has all the creamy goodness you’ll find in all the rest of the Big Train drink mixes. You won’t believe it’s also low carb and gluten free!

Country Spice Looseleaf Tea

Posted by Administrator - July 10th, 2013

It’s easy to be stressed out in today’s busy world, but taking time out for yourself is a ritual we hope you will remember on a regular basis. Enjoy a moment to yourself with our popular Country Spice Looseleaf Tea, with its fragrant notes of cinnamon and orange. You’ll savor its sweet but tangy taste derived from its all natural ingredients, without added sweeteners. Relax and renew, courtesy of My Gourmet Cafe!

Panache Espresso Deluxe: Mild Tasting and Luxurious

Posted by Administrator - June 27th, 2013

Enjoy My Gourmet Cafe’s best selling espresso for your morning coffee ritual, or serving after dinner during your next get together with family and friends. Rich and mild, it is available both in whole bean or pre-ground for your convenience. Affordable and reminiscent of the espressos served in the finest European coffee houses, you’ll understand why so many of our customers are devoted to our Panache products.

Make Berry Season Gluten Free!

Posted by Administrator - June 10th, 2013

Did you know My Gourmet Cafe sells delicious, easy to prepare gluten-free scone mix? We offer a variety of delicious berry filled scone mixes straight from Sticky Fingers Bakeries. Founded in 1987 by two fraternity brothers, their company began as a popular retail operation in San Diego, regularly selling out their scone varieties by mid-morning each day. Now you can make their popular treats in your own kitchen, courtesy of My Gourmet Cafe! Just add water and a little love, bake and enjoy for a warm, buttery taste of springtime.

Straight from Savannah, It’s Paula Deen.

Posted by Administrator - April 30th, 2013

My Gourmet Cafe is proud to carry the Fantastic line of artisanal sauces and marinades from superstar chef and television personality Paula Deen. With handcrafted, flavorful sauces like Vidalia Onion Poppyseed Dressing,  Green Pepper Jelly, and Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce, you can add a gourmet touch to any meal and a wide variety of dishes, quickly and easily.

Stirling Gourmet Flavored Syrups: Delightful!

Posted by Administrator - April 14th, 2013

In today’s uncertain times, we’re all looking for opportunities to save money. And yet, it’s hard to resist the lure of an expensive flavored coffee drink. Until now! Save money and time with your own delicious flavored beverage that taste even better than what you get in any local shop, using our gourmet Stirling Flavored Coffee Syrups. Made from a secret blend of up to five different sugars mixed with pure fruit juice concentrates, our Stirling Gourmet Flavored Syrups add a delightful flavor to sparkling water, cocktails, coffees and more.

Fair Trade Coffees with Panache and MyGourmetCafe

Posted by Administrator - March 25th, 2013

MyGourmetCafe is proud to offer a full selection of Fair Trade Coffees made in accordance with cutting edge guidelines for environmental sustainability, and certified by nonprofit TransFair USA for promoting equality, workplace safety and fair wages in both their cultivation and harvest. Grown without chemicals and fully organic, you can feel good about every cup. Enjoy flavors like the extraordinary Haitian Bleu, a perfect blend of body and just the right amount of acidity for a rich, smooth taste.

South of the Border Classic Beverages with Vivaz!

Posted by Administrator - March 11th, 2013

Serve up something special with our Big Train Vivaz! Traditional Mexican Beverages. You’ll love the combination of creamy smoothness and subtle, exotic spice in every cup. Explore our selection of these rich, delicately sweet beverages, each made from timeless gourmet recipes culled from the grand culinary tradition of an entire continent. Easy to prepare, and unusual enough to garner compliments every time you serve them, you’ll love treats like Horchata, a sweet vanilla, cinnamon and rice based drink that is suitable for all ages. Comforting and delicious after a long day at school, grown ups will also enjoy it as a sweet, refreshing pick me up any time of day.

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