Make Pasta Partners Your Easy Dinner Solution

Posted by Administrator - April 17th, 2014

 Everybody loves pasta, but preparing your own sauces from scratch can be time consuming. And yet, who wants to eat something from a jar? My Gourmet Cafe has your solution, with Pasta Partner’s line of healthy sauces, pasta salads and fresh pastas that take only minutes to make and bring from kitchen to table. Add in fresh mushrooms or other vegetables, and no one will know you’ve had a little “help” creating the perfect accompaniment to linguine, fettucine or even angel hair.

 And if you’re looking for a summertime dish perfect for home or outdoor picnic, check out our Pasta Partners convenient pasta salads. One package has everything you’ll need to create a flavorful treat for everyone at the table. Add in chicken, shrimp, or turkey to make it a meal!

Have Your Fruit..and Enjoy It Too!

Posted by Administrator - April 1st, 2014

Have Your Fruit..and Enjoy It Too! Looking for a new way to get in a healthy 5 servings of fruit without all the hassles of preparation and storage? Meet My Gourmet Cafe’s most popular sensation, Dr Smoothie. Made with shelf stable fruit concentrates with NO extra sugars, flavors, colorings or additives, Dr Smoothie drinks are jam packed with the vitamins and minerals that come along naturally in every serving. With no dairy either, it’s a treat for the whole family to enjoy. And did you know that 20 ounces of smoothie contains well over the minimum five daily servings of fruit recommended for maximum health? That’s a functional beverage indeed. Stash some at the office, too, for a late afternoon pick me up!

Sticky Fingers Lemon Ginger Scone Mix: The Elegant Snack

Posted by Administrator - November 1st, 2013

Folks are raving about our Sticky Fingers Lemon Ginger Scone mix. Made with real lemon and ginger, its burst of tangy flavor contrasts beautifully with the scone’s buttery goodness. Try it with one of our Xanadu Looseleaf teas for a very British tea time repast. Inexpensive and easy to prepare, these are treats that the whole family will enjoy.

Welcome to Fall with Big Train Mocha Ice Coffee

Posted by Administrator - October 13th, 2013

Have you tried our Big Train Mocha Ice Coffee? In the early days of this fall season, nothing is more refreshing and yet so comforting. It’s simple to prepare your own special beverage that’s perfect on the job as a pick me up, or to sip as you complete your afternoon carpool rounds with the kids. As a careful combination of Arabica coffee and the best fine cocoa, chocolate and coffee lovers alike can rejoice! Some creative folks add banana slices or even a scoop of peanut butter to their Big Train, mixing it up in the blender with milk, water or extra coffee for a creamy treat. And in this era of preservatives and unneeded extras, you can enjoy Big Train Mocha knowing it has absolutely no trans fats, hydrogenated oils or even gluten. It’s also Kosher and Halal Certified.

Spice It Up: Enjoy Different Tea Flavors This Summer

Posted by Administrator - September 7th, 2013

With My Gourmet Cafe’s huge inventory of different tea flavors for your enjoyment, there’s never a reason to get bored with one taste experience. Our Xanadu Loose leaf Teas are available in finely crafted herbal/tisanes like Monk’s Prayer and Chamomile, as well as traditional blends like Darjeeling and Classic Oolong. With green, decaffeinated, scented and spiced flavors as well, you’ll soon understand why so many of our customers are devoted tea lovers too!

Big Train Brownie Mix: Big Taste, Low Carbs

Posted by Administrator - August 7th, 2013

When it comes to desserts, it’s hard to say no, especially for kids. Make it easier for your family to stay healthy with our Big Train brownie mix. Low in carbs and in fat, these brownies mix up for the perfect afternoon snack or picnic treat. Big kids will enjoy them too, so make sure to stock up on several bags. Simple to prepare, and with zero grams of trans fat per serving, you’ll feel good about serving these to the whole family. So tasty, no one will guess their low carb secret!

Go Low Carb, The Big Train Way

Posted by Administrator - July 27th, 2013

For many health conscious adults, limiting carbohydrates and/or going gluten free is seen as the solution for weight loss and more round-the-clock energy. However, it can be tough to enjoy the beverage treats you’re used to when you’re cutting back. Until now! We’re proud to offer Big Train’s gluten free, low carb spiced chai tea latte mix. Easy to prepare, and low in fat as well, this has all the creamy goodness you’ll find in all the rest of the Big Train drink mixes. You won’t believe it’s also low carb and gluten free!

Country Spice Looseleaf Tea

Posted by Administrator - July 10th, 2013

It’s easy to be stressed out in today’s busy world, but taking time out for yourself is a ritual we hope you will remember on a regular basis. Enjoy a moment to yourself with our popular Country Spice Looseleaf Tea, with its fragrant notes of cinnamon and orange. You’ll savor its sweet but tangy taste derived from its all natural ingredients, without added sweeteners. Relax and renew, courtesy of My Gourmet Cafe!

Straight from Savannah, It’s Paula Deen.

Posted by Administrator - April 30th, 2013

My Gourmet Cafe is proud to carry the Fantastic line of artisanal sauces and marinades from superstar chef and television personality Paula Deen. With handcrafted, flavorful sauces like Vidalia Onion Poppyseed Dressing,  Green Pepper Jelly, and Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce, you can add a gourmet touch to any meal and a wide variety of dishes, quickly and easily.

Enjoy the Flavor of the Southwest

Posted by Administrator - February 28th, 2013

Discover a little of your own cowboy magic with all the fixin’s from Desert Gardens and My Gourmet Cafe! Along with tasty salsas and marinades, we also feature the convenient, easyto- prepare bread, dip and soup mixes from this artisanal food company whose headquarters is located at the base of the beautiful Sandia Mountains, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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