Here’s to Your Health! It’s Springtime Smoothie Time!

Posted by Administrator - May 1st, 2014

 Get ready for the newest and most delightful trend in everyday refreshment: functional beverages! This is the fancy term for the delicious Dr. Smoothie blends that give you FIVE full servings of organic fruit  with every 20 ounce beverage. That’s no idle claim either, but fully certified by the USDA too for your peace of mind.

 And the great news? You can prepare Dr. Smoothie beverages anywhere you have access to ice, water  and a blender. Dr. Smoothie beverages are a perfect snack for all ages, and a great way to boost your intake of fruits quickly and easily. Cool and refreshing, we can’t think of a better pick me up after the big game or a long meeting at work. Order your inexpensive bottle today and save with My Gourmet Cafe!