All Aboard! Get on the Coffee Train with Big Train Blended Iced Coffees…

Posted by Administrator - August 17th, 2013

It’s hot out there-and nothing refreshes more than a Big Train iced coffee or blender mixed beverage. My Gourmet Cafe has a huge selection, all at the most affordable prices you’ll find anywhere on the web. Easy to prepare, and especially delicious over a tumbler filled with ice, you’ll love the long moment of relaxation and cool refreshment Big Train drinks provide. Turn your kitchen into your own cafe..attractive French waiter not included!

Big Train Brownie Mix: Big Taste, Low Carbs

Posted by Administrator - August 7th, 2013

When it comes to desserts, it’s hard to say no, especially for kids. Make it easier for your family to stay healthy with our Big Train brownie mix. Low in carbs and in fat, these brownies mix up for the perfect afternoon snack or picnic treat. Big kids will enjoy them too, so make sure to stock up on several bags. Simple to prepare, and with zero grams of trans fat per serving, you’ll feel good about serving these to the whole family. So tasty, no one will guess their low carb secret!