Panache Espresso Deluxe: Mild Tasting and Luxurious

Posted by Administrator - June 27th, 2013

Enjoy My Gourmet Cafe’s best selling espresso for your morning coffee ritual, or serving after dinner during your next get together with family and friends. Rich and mild, it is available both in whole bean or pre-ground for your convenience. Affordable and reminiscent of the espressos served in the finest European coffee houses, you’ll understand why so many of our customers are devoted to our Panache products.

Make Berry Season Gluten Free!

Posted by Administrator - June 10th, 2013

Did you know My Gourmet Cafe sells delicious, easy to prepare gluten-free scone mix? We offer a variety of delicious berry filled scone mixes straight from Sticky Fingers Bakeries. Founded in 1987 by two fraternity brothers, their company began as a popular retail operation in San Diego, regularly selling out their scone varieties by mid-morning each day. Now you can make their popular treats in your own kitchen, courtesy of My Gourmet Cafe! Just add water and a little love, bake and enjoy for a warm, buttery taste of springtime.