Big Train Fit Frappes: Gluten and Guilt Free!

Posted by Administrator - January 17th, 2013

Big Train Fit Frappes: Gluten and Guilt Free! It’s that time of year again-and most of us are back to the gym or at least trying to walk a little bit faster to burn off the last of the holiday cheer! Get fit and healthy with Big Train’s wide selection of Fit Frappes. With a flavor this rich and creamy, it’s hard to remember this gourmet treat is also loaded with protein and gluten free. Fit Frappes also contains very little sugar, with only 2g per 16 ounce serving. Convenient and Delicious Our Big Train Fit Frappe beverages can be prepared hot or cold, and are perfect meal replacements on the go or in the office when you’re too busy for a break. Healthy, and mildly caffeinated for an extra boost, they come in five unique and delicious flavors for even the most finicky of tastes. Enjoy our full selection of Big Train extra special beverages…to your health!