Holiday Cheer

Posted by Administrator - November 18th, 2012

Sometimes a cold Egg Nog Blended Creme is just the thing to refresh after a long day hanging holiday lights, shopping, and visiting with friends. Enjoy ours with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and some nutmeg on top for a delicious burst of cool, comforting holiday flavor. We also carry a tempting Cheesecake Blended Creme for savoring the rest of the year, but why not try one now too?

Holiday Time

Posted by Administrator - November 2nd, 2012

Holiday time means it’s the season to make everything extra special. That’s easy with our Panache Organic French Roast Coffee…the perfect complement to a crackling fire, your closestfriends, and perhaps the Sunday newspaper. When you include some warm, buttery sconesbaked using our Sticky Fingers Peppermint Chocolate Chip Scone mix, you’ve got the perfectrainy day afternoon. Warm fuzzy pajamas not included!